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Announcing the Association of Black Argumentation Professionals [ABAP]

Wow–thank you Mr. Baker for not only attending, but also sharing the experience with your network.

BCA Business Blog

During the first week of June, I braved the heat and humidity of Hotlanta to participate in a unique event. Thanks to the efforts of founders: Shauntrice Martin, Ben Hagwood and host James Roland, more than thirty prominent African American debate coaches, consultants and directors gathered for the first-ever Association of Black Argumentation Professionals annual national conference. The leaders took a smart approach by keeping the initial objectives simple and achievable–create a venue to network and promote much-needed Black self-care strategies.

ABAP featured workshops, panels, networking events and special opportunities to “break bread together”. With representation from professionals working at high schools, colleges, middle schools, for-profit and non-profit organizations, ABAP members noticed similarities across the spectrum in what they had experienced and the application of the knowledge of others to their own causes.

Many have felt for a long time that the achievements of this portion of the…

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