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A Summer of Sessions

Peace loves,

I hope your summer has been amazing. Here at Lnee R+D we’ve been going hard in the paint. We are excited to share some of the things we’ve been up to. I was able to teach policy debate at UC Berkeley in California for three weeks. This intensive was a great opportunity to teach participants about international relations. In July I offered my services to the Women’s Debate Institute in Minnesota where I taught about the history of race in competitive debate as well as respectability + resumes for college scholars. During my tenure at the University of Louisville, I led a session on research methods and refutation. Through a partnership with Upward Bound, I also had the opportunity to lead a two week debate camp at  U of L with 100 students. As a result, my student Ce’Asia and I had a piece published about reparations. (Though there is a serious typo that says “8 years” instead of “8- years”. At Code PaLOUsa I debuted a half-day training titled “Code Switching: Black Life in the Digital Renaissance“. There are so many other summer sessions, but I won’t bore you with the details. In total, I taught about 50 hours of training. Whew!

classroom of multigenerational young women listening to a lecture and taking notes

I’ll have a lot of other training sessions scheduled for the fall including sexual harassment, critical race theory, the history of race in debate, fundraising, development fundamentals, Pan African studies, economics, communications, and more. I’ll also be revamping my Coalition of Black Excellence session on how to start (and fund) a nonprofit.

If you or your employer need interactive, innovative training be sure to reach out! We’re always looking to build new partnerships:


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