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Tuesday Tips: Interview Qs Part 1

Pink and magenta Lnee R&D inforgraphic about motivation for a job interview

With a lot of firms–especially in tech–you’ll hear this question. Obviously we need money to live our lives. What else drives you though? Why this company? Why this department? Why you? At its core, this question is really asking whether you took the time to reflect on this career choice. Did you research the position and do you have an intended trajectory for your tenure? If you neglected this sort of background work, what makes them think you’ll take the job seriously?

Before you step into that office or conference room or skype video frame, be sure to consider why you want to work for this company.

I am not an expert, but I am happy to help. Lnee R&D can help you get closer to where you want to be! If you want to participate in our next round of mock interviews let us know. To hire Lnee R&D or learn more, just reach out: LneeRD[at]outlook[dot]com.

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We get results to get you paid!

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