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My freelance writing career was born when I got pregnant with my son. I needed a way to make money from anywhere in the world while home schooling. That’s when my pen name was created: Africa Jackson. I chose the name Africa Jackson based on the brand I planned to build. My goal was to write about and for Black women. While most of my content can be applied to people from a number of backgrounds, my primary audience is Black women.

I credit #MindaHoney (another Black woman) with a lot of my early success because she connected me to the Binders and taught a freelance course on SkillShare course on how to get clients. I highly recommend it.

Over the years I have written for BlavityEssence Magazine, Hello Giggles, Argot Magazine, The Courier Journal, and lots of other places. My years of freelance experience and SEO lend themselves to a well rounded marketing approach for my clients.

You can visit my contently page to read my work or scroll down to see more.

screenshot of Africa Jackson's contently page with three photos of Black people and article snippets

screen grab of Africa Jackson's Muck Rack journalist page: mostly white background and black text

As always, you can read my copywriting here on the #GetHired blog: Be sure to leave a comment and reblog your favorite post.

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