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What the hell is a P&L?

It ain’t #MoneyMonday, but I am kicking a little free game for my fellow entrepreneurs. I want to share my #BlackFriday P&L Estimates. P&L stands for #Profit & #Loss. You might hear some people refer to this as a #forecast. I suggest all new businesses do this IN ADDITION TO a #budget or fundraising risk … Continue reading What the hell is a P&L?

Deaf Awareness Week

At Lnee Research & Development, we celebrate diversity and accessibility. This week is Deaf Awareness Month (September 20-26, 2020). We want to celebrate this week by featuring a leading in the world of academia. Dr. Carolyn McCaskill Gallaudet Arts & Humanities Professor/Founding Director¬† After graduating from the Alabama School for the Deaf, Dr. Carolyn McCaskill … Continue reading Deaf Awareness Week