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Join the Mailing List!

I finally created a mailing list so GET ON BOARD! Tired of predatory loans? Listen–we all need help from time to time. What we don’t need is 200% interest. Over the last few years, I have worked with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to offer low interest loans. Through my financial literacy program, I also … Continue reading Join the Mailing List!

#100Wednesdays : Cover Letters

Join us every Wednesday at 3 during your afternoon slump when we keep it a buck about resumes, cover letters, interview, money, and more. Sometimes we even throw in a little organizing advice or resources for grassroots folks. This week, we’re focusing on cover letter (Law & Order bom-bom) You hate writing them, and chances … Continue reading #100Wednesdays : Cover Letters

Tuesday Tips: Job Reference

I have served as a reference for hundreds of candidates along many points int heir careers. Whether it’s a letter or a form or a phone call, it takes time out of the day. In order to help ensure a great recommendation, ask before you list someone’s contact info–they may have a preferred outreach method. … Continue reading Tuesday Tips: Job Reference

Tuesday Tips: Interview Qs Part 1

With a lot of firms–especially in tech–you’ll hear this question. Obviously we need money to live our lives. What else drives you though? Why this company? Why this department? Why you? At its core, this question is really asking whether you took the time to reflect on this career choice. Did you research the position … Continue reading Tuesday Tips: Interview Qs Part 1